Going for Gold (Deep Desires, Book 3)


Going for Gold is the third installment in the highly erotic, expertly written Deep Desires series by Jane Caleb-Wood. I have to say that this was my favorite installment by far for its otherworldly eroticism and delicious setup. Gang bangs are one of my favorite subjects to read (and write) about in erotica but sadly, I don’t see it very often among my favorite erotic writers. So I was so ecstatic and extremely excited to read Taylor have a sumptuously erotic and divine night with seven men at the same time. Even though the story was definitely erotic, it was also extremely sensual, which is a hard feat to attain with erotica. (It’s also extremely difficult to keep track of all the sexy guys with no names in a gang bang scenario, so I have profound respect for Ms. Caleb-Wood for that.) If you haven’t read this series or any of Ms. Jane Caleb-Wood’s works, please do! And make sure to check out the lovely interview I had with her earlier this week.

5/5 stars.


Living for Gold (Deep Desires, Book 2)

Living for Gold

Living for Gold, the second installment in the Deep Desires Series by Jane Caleb-Wood, is another scintillating, sumptuous, and enthralling short story by this talented, amazing writer. While it’s a rather short read, it’s an excellently written erotica, pulsating with realistic characters and genuine passion. Reading about Taylor and Cara’s delicious, intoxicating encounter made me feel as if I were there present, watching; there are so many lush details about their visceral connection and I found myself completely enthralled. If you enjoy well-written erotica that will satiate your desire to read a good plot that is not just straight out smut, then you will definitely enjoy this series.

5/5 stars.

Cover Reveal of Nomad’s Island by Derek Keeling

NI - Front Cover Only

Hello, my lovelies. I am honored to share Derek Keeling’s second book cover titled Nomad’s Island. Derek is an amazing, talented writer whose debut novel, The Umbras, can be found on Amazon. Check out the blurb to his second novel below and make sure to purchase it on March 2nd.


What was lost, has been found.
For Damon, his grand adventure is being alone on an island. His plan was simple: fly to a deserted island for a month, hone his survival skills, and return home. Unfortunately, on the way, his plane crashes and leaves him alone on an island with no chance of help or rescue. Damon must use his skills to survive, but something watching him from the jungle’s edge seems to enjoy his failures.
Damon’s fight for survival doesn’t come easy in this action-packed adventure that will leave you breathless. With twists and turns that will keep you guessing, take a trip with Damon to a ruthless place where life struggles to survive and eyes stalk your every move.

Will Damon adapt? Or will the unknown entity in the jungle become his biggest threat?
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Turned Into A Bimbo


Even though the whole bimbofication fetish is not my cup of tea, I was pleasantly surprised with Ava Sterling’s little gem of a story, Turned Into A Bimbo. Ms. Ava is an amazing writer and I was impressed with her ability to pull me into the story from the first paragraph. It’s definitely a cute, kinky story that had me giggling and wishing that I were there to watch all the sexiness unfold.

Ms. Ava was kind and gracious enough to send me this story as a gift as well as three extra copies to give away. The first three people to comment on this review will receive a free copy of Turned Into A Bimbo. Make sure to check out the rest of her scintillating erotica on her website: https://avasterlingauthor.com/my-books/

4/5 stars.