Full Disclosure


Full Disclosure by Stormy Daniels was proudly standing as one of the popular 14-day loan books in my local library and the moment I saw it, I knew that I had to read it. I devoured the book in about three days, savoring the witty, intelligent commentary that Ms. Daniels so eloquently displays in her biography. But what I truly enjoyed from her memoir is not the ‘shocking’ retelling of her meeting with you know who; no, what I truly admired and loved was the way she was so honest and real. We live in a world that is obsessed and enchanted by sociopaths and narcissists that manipulate and hurt others just to achieve fame and success. Stormy is a genuine kind, beautiful soul that has gone through hell from the very beginning of her life to current times and I commend her for the strength and courage it took to share her story with the world.

Of course, this book review may be swayed by the fact that Stormy and I both adore books and writing; we both love Motley Crue and Pantera (the fact that she got to follow them around is so kick-ass and amazing and she will forever be one of my heroes for that); we both strive to be honest and real at all times. I think people will be shocked by this book, but in a good way; they will realize that yes, it’s completely plausible for a woman to be sexually confident, intelligent, and have value and worth. In Full Disclosure, Stormy bares her soul to us and she reminds us how life can be beautiful, daunting, silly, and dark all at the same time. Thank you, Stormy, for sharing your journey with us. I look forward to reading your next book and I can’t wait to meet you at Exxxotica in New Jersey in October.



Training for Gold

Training for Gold

Training for Gold is the first addition in Jane Caleb-Wood’s scintillating, delicious series titled Deep Desires. Even though it’s a rather short read, it is definitely one of the best and well-written erotic stories that I have read in a very long time. Taylor, Dana, and Ian are all sexy and believable characters and Ms. Caleb-Wood’s writing is so captivating and engaging that it felt like I was in the gym right with them while they engorged themselves in the pleasures of the flesh. I am extremely impressed with Ms. Caleb-Wood’s talent and I cannot wait to feast myself on the rest of her collection. Make sure to purchase this book and support an amazing erotic writer.



Love Looks Pretty on You

Love Looks Pretty On You

Love Looks Pretty on You is Lang Leav’s best poetry and prose collection to date. It is an exquisite yet painful rendering of the loss, betrayal, and wisdom that women must endure as they grow and blossom as women. I saw myself reflected in Ms. Leav’s haunting, lyrical words and it was very hard to not cry while I read the gorgeous poems and snippets of prose that are brimming with solace and comfort. It has always amazed me how the right books will always slip into your life during the most arduous of times. This week has been one of the most difficult for me in a very long time and I am sad to admit that I was harboring some very dark thoughts that pertained to self-harm and self-destruction. I saw Ms. Leav’s new book at the library and immediately all the corrosive, toxic thoughts evaporated as I sat down and voraciously read her book. Books have saved me from myself countless times and this is definitely one of those books that will always hold a special place in my heart for the simple yet profound message that I am not alone and that my words are needed. Thank you, Ms. Leav, for inspiring me to not give up.



Reading Ruby was like having the demons of my past cutting my chest open, exposing my viscera to the world of germs and viruses and then an angel coming to take out my scarred heart and planting it in a garden full of roses.

I consider books lovers that come into your life at the right time. That might be cliche by now. I apologize if it is. But I can’t help but notice that during my darkest times, the right book will come along and soothe my festering wounds that just won’t heal. I’ve finally come to the sad acceptance that I will always have this darkness, this emptiness in my heart and bones from the trauma that haunts my subconscious and shadow self.

I love that Ruby is a bruja (Spanish for witch) just like me. I love that she loves animals. I love that she is sensitive. I love that she is a survivor. I love that she is a fighter.

Ruby is another amazing, ethereal, visceral book by Francesca Lia Block along with Carmen Staton. I found myself gorging on their words and feasting on their beautiful, iridescent prose that read like poetry. This is a must for Block fans and anyone who seeks redemption and healing from a violent, suppressed past.

5/5 crimson roses.

Turned Into A Bimbo


Even though the whole bimbofication fetish is not my cup of tea, I was pleasantly surprised with Ava Sterling’s little gem of a story, Turned Into A Bimbo. Ms. Ava is an amazing writer and I was impressed with her ability to pull me into the story from the first paragraph. It’s definitely a cute, kinky story that had me giggling and wishing that I were there to watch all the sexiness unfold.

Ms. Ava was kind and gracious enough to send me this story as a gift as well as three extra copies to give away. The first three people to comment on this review will receive a free copy of Turned Into A Bimbo. Make sure to check out the rest of her scintillating erotica on her website: https://avasterlingauthor.com/my-books/

4/5 stars.

Only Child


Rhiannon Navin’s debut novel Only Child is an amazing, visceral, beautiful masterpiece. Told through the eyes of Zach, an extremely intelligent, sweet six-year-old empath, Rhiannon writes the story of what happens after a school shooting takes place in Zach’s school. After the television reporters and news articles fade, what happens to a family that loses a child due to such a horrific tragedy?

Zach describes the aftermath of such a violent, senseless act with no filter and complete innocence. As an empath myself, it was extremely difficult to read his harrowing experiences with the flashbacks, nightmares, and the lingering fear that manifested in his life as a result of the PTSD from the shooting. He also describes the effects of his brother’s sudden, violent death on his father and mother, who both react in very different ways.

I won’t give away what happens in the story but I will say that this book will make your chest tight and will probably make you cry. Zach is an unforgettable character and I love the way that Rhiannon depicts characters that are complex and layered; while they do have their flaws and make mistakes, they also have kindness and empathy and are willing to change.

While this book is gut-wrenching and extremely thought-provoking, it is also extremely uplifting and hopeful. The message at the end is quite clear: we need to learn how to accept our emotions and honor them. We need to be more kind to each other and less judgmental. And perhaps we should pay more attention to children since they hold the truths that so many adults decide to ignore.